Dog Training Collaboration with RCK9 Training Solutions Carnarvon

CCVH is extremely excited to be working with Rob Newman and Camille Williams from RCK9 Training Solutons. Rob has an extensive background in dog training and combines a number of techniques to help you solve your pets behavioural issues. 

A little bit more about Rob and RCK9 Training Solutions Carnarvon-

RCK9 Background!

I have a Dog-Sport background in Schutzhund & also Security. The Working Dog. Schutzhund is a way to test a dogs attitude stability obedience and temperament. All these attributes are prized in breeding and are found in some dogs who may go on to become fully fledged Working Dogs. Schutzhund is made up of 3 disciplines and are of very high ruling when competing. Obedience Tracking & IPO work which is a discipline to obtain a view of stability & temperament of a working dog breed. All dogs undertaking IPO work are Highly trained animals and training of this sought should always be undertaken by a professional.

I met a trainer by the name of Gunther Krause who I then started training with. Gunther came from a Naval background and trained Naval dogs for many years in Germany before migrating to Australia and starting his own School in Victoria.

My Schutzhund career all started with a Dog named Katie. Throughout my learning curve Katie and I went on to gain many Shutzhund degrees:Schutz I, Schutz II, Schutz III, IPO I, IPO II & IPO III and all major CD & CDX Obedience trial accreditations.

I have worked and owned many other breed of dog whilst working security, not only for Security/Bodyguard purposes as some don’t make it, but for the family too. After Katie died I gave up teaching Obedience and Protection. I also gave up a very successful breeding program. Some years later I purchased an English bull terrier and started training and breeding this breed for Show. A total opposite method of training and breeding for what I was used to but we got there. I was member of the Bull Terrier Club Of Victoria , The Bull Terrier Club Of New South Wales & Dogs Australia competing in a variety of Dogs shows both locally and Interstate. I now would like to pass on all I have learnt so others can enjoy harmony at home with their Dogs.

Thanks for your time

Rob Newman RCK9 Training Solutions


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