cat boarding

Your feline friend will feel right at home when on holiday with us in our Carnarvon Cattery at Coral Coast Vets.

For their comfort they are accommodated in a separate climate controlled cat boarding facility which is away from the dog boarding.

Our new custom built cat boarding condos have a hotel feel for your cat with different levels for feeding and toileting. cat boarding

Our guests are fed ADVANCE super-premium pet food and enjoy play time twice daily.

A reminder that all boarding cats MUST be vaccinated prior to boarding for their protection, a current vaccination certificate must be presented on arrival.

We highly recommend cats are vaccinated agains FIV- a deadly cat-AIDS virus that is endemic in the Gascoyne region. Please ask us how to prevent against this disease. We also administer a flea and worm treatment on admission to ensure optimum health.

Boarding fees are charged on a daily basis inclusive of arrival and departure day.

Please feel free to bring alone anything that will make your cat feel more at home while staying in our cattery.