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Firstly, a massive thankyou to our wonderful clients for their patience and understanding of the changes we have implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We did face an extra little challenge on Wednesday. The clinic was broken into and some damage was sustained. Thankfully, the fast response of Sandhurst Security and Carnarvon Police meant that the offenders weren’t able to cause too much trouble. Carnarvon Cabinet Makers was able to get us up and running within hours, which we are so grateful for.

The offenders have been taken into custody for a number of offences. A good reminder to remain vigilant at home and work.

The good news…

Currently, vets in Western Australia have been given the go ahead to continue to provide emergency care for our patients. Whilst we hope this doesn’t change as the crisis evolves, we will continue to keep you updated on changes via email and Facebook. You can follow our page by clicking this link.

COVID-19 changes…

We have now ceased our non-essential services such as nail trims, hydrobaths, grooming and boarding in a bid to limit exposure to staff and clients.

We continue to operate as a zero-contact hospital. What does this mean?

-On arrival to the hospital, please call 99411155 to let our team know you have arrived and to receive further direction

-Vaccinations etc will be performed outside of the hospital. Don’t be alarmed that our staff are now wearing personal protective equipment. This is a measure to keep all of us safe.

-Where pets are unwell or need further treatment, the history will be taken outside and then your pet will be admitted into hospital for further workup and treatment and you will be updated with your pets progress.

-Eftpos payment is preferred, we also offer Vetpay and Zip payment options. Both of these can be pre-approved online prior to your visit.

As of Monday 30th March 2020, our hospital hours will temporarily be reduced from 8am – 5pm to 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

COVID-19 & Your pets…

There is no current data to suggest that pet dogs and cats can become infected with COVID-19.

However, as with other surfaces, pet fur and collars may act as a fomite and can harbour the virus.

This is not to create alarm, but we do ask that if someone in your household has been unwell or diagnosed with COVID-19 then you MUST let us know.

We will take extra precautions when handling your pet and may need to bathe them prior to admission to hospital.

Take care everyone and remember to be kind and patient with each other. Check in on your neighbours and use this time to be grateful for the blessings you do have in your life.

Dr Emma and team