Just as you would for yourself if you needed an operation, it’s important to prepare your pet for surgery to help with the recovery process.

These instructions are general in nature and may not be applicable for patients with complex medical or surgical needs. Please contact us, a few days prior to surgery if possible, to confirm your pet’s individual pre-surgical requirements.




  • Please ensure your pet is clean.  It may be necessary to wash your pet a few days before surgery.
  • Fast from food 12 hours before surgery. No food after 8.00pm the night before the surgery.
  • Fasting from water is not necessary. Your pet can have free access to water until admission
  • Please bring your pet in at the agreed time. This allows us to go through admission with you without too many unnecessary distractions.
  • For convenience, if you find it difficult to get in first thing in the morning, admission the night before can be arranged. There is no additional cost.
  • Please allow 10-15 minutes in the morning to complete the consent form and the admission process.
  • Please mention any medications (even home supplements) your pet may be taking and whether they have had that morning’s medication.
  • Most procedures are day procedures. You can expect your pet to go home later the same day.
  • The surgical nurse will call after the procedure to book a discharge time.
  • Depending on the procedure, a 50% deposit may be required the morning of the procedure.
  • Please note full payment of veterinary fees is required on discharge your pet.

There are a number of measures we take during and after surgery to minimise risk to your loved pet and ensure their surgery is as safe as possible. To learn more about this see a day in hospital.