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The safety and wellbeing of your pet is our number one priority.

Our vet surgeons are experienced in performing many types of veterinary surgical procedures from routine de-sexing, to advanced soft tissue operations such as bowel resections and complicated orthopaedic vet surgery. Advanced equipment and the use of technology to assist with complex procedures means your pet will receive the best care possible.

Safety first

Just as it is for humans, all surgery is done under sterile conditions in a dedicated surgical suite.

We recommend pre-anaesthetic blood testing on all pets undergoing a general anaesthetic. This helps us to ensure there are no underlying health concerns and allows us to tailor the anaesthetic and medications to your pet. Each pet is placed on fluids during surgery- helping to maintain blood pressure, eliminate anaesthetic after surgery and for us to administer more effective pain relief.

During surgery, our highly trained and registered veterinary nurses monitor patients to ensure vital functions like blood pressure, respiration, heart function and body temperature are optimally maintained throughout.

Our pets recover from anaesthetic on warm fluffy, non-slip fleece bedding – no cold newspaper lined cages here!

For more information about surgical procedures see the ‘A Day in Hospital’ page. We like to give you absolute peace of mind that your pet will be treated as our own. It’s the least we can do.