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Plan for a healthy life

Getting a new pet is an exciting time. It’s no myth that dogs and cats age around seven years to each one of ours, so regular health checks are vital to help us protect their health and enable early intervention if required.

You can help give them the best chance for a long and healthy life – and minimise unforseen medical expenses – by following a few basic steps.

We’ve created the checklists below to help you care for your pet and plan things like health and dental checks, vaccinations, desexing and flea control. But don’t worry- we will send you sms or email reminders when your pet is due for any health care. You won’t need to remember a thing, we like to make pet ownership as easy as possible!

At Coral Coast Vets we believe planning for health is the key to you both enjoying a long and happy life together.

Dog wellness plan

Cat wellness plan