Pet Boarding

Doggy day care and long term boarding for both dogs and cats is available

Treat your pets to a heated hydrobath and blow dry to have them feeling fresh and fabulous!1239

Remember- you can take advantage of complimentary hydrobaths when you purchase your flea control at Coral Coast Vets- as well as a handy sms reminder when it is time to flea treat them each month!






Treat your canine companion to a home away from home experience 

Our boarding dog runs are custom built and at 1.2 x 3m they provide plenty of space for your dog during their stay. Our smaller pooches are kept in a seperate climate controlled dog boarding suite away from the bigger dogs.

pg1We have installed a misting system to keep your dog cool during the warmer months and trampoline beds and blankets are also provided for comfort.

Our ‘guests’ are exercised twice daily in our fully enclosed grassed area and are fed top quality super premium HILLS pet food. Many owners comment on how fantastic their pet looks after a stay at Coral Coast Boarding Kennels.

A complimentary hydrobath in our Doggy Day Spa is also included with each week your dog boards with us.

All dogs MUST be up to date with C5 vaccination prior to boarding. This is to ensure their protection. On arrival our guests are given a wormer and flea treatment to help keep these parasites at bay.

Boarding Fees are charged on daily basis inclusive of arrival and departure days.

Your feline friend will feel right at home when on holiday with us 

For their comfort they are accommodated in a separate climate controlled cat boarding facility which is away from the dog boarding.

Our new custom built cat boarding condos have a hotel feel for your cat with different levels for feeding and toileting. cat boarding

Our guests are fed HILLS super-premium pet food and enjoy play time twice daily.

A reminder that all boarding cats MUST be vaccinated prior to boarding for their protection, a current vaccination certificate must be presented on arrival.

We highly recommend cats are vaccinated agains FIV- a deadly cat-AIDS virus that is endemic in the Gascoyne region. Please ask us how to prevent against this disease. We also administer a flea and worm treatment on admission to ensure optimum health.

Boarding fees are charged on a daily basis inclusive of arrival and departure day.

Please feel free to bring alone anything that will make your cat feel more at home while staying in our cattery.