Senior Wellness Program

Once your pet has reached around 8 years old they have reached their ‘golden years’. It is a time to be celebrated but also stage where we need to be a little more vigilant and keep a closer eye on them. As pets age they are at risk of suffering from a number of conditions- and they are not able to tell us. It is up to you as their owner and us as their health care giver to make sure they are not suffering in silence. 

It is essenital that your pet has a wellness check every 6 months. Remember this is the equivalent of a human going to the doctor every 3-4 years! Prevention is much better than cure, so we like to pick up small changes early before they become big problems. 

  • 32% of dogs die from cancer. Females are 3 times more likely to get cancer. Up to 25% of dogs have skin cancer
  • 78% of dogs over the age of 3 have dental disease
  • 50% of dogs over 6 have arthritis
  • 41% of dogs of any age are obese
  • 12% of dogs over 8 have heart disease
  • 25% of older cats have high blood pressure which causes kidney failure
  • 35% of cats over the age of 8 have kidney failure
  • 50% of cats over 5 have arthritis and pain in their lower back and elbow

If your pet is in their ‘golden years’ call us to book a wellness check today 99411155